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We have a responsibility to protect our island for future generations

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This is a not for profit, evidence-based, website created to provide islanders with the reasons why the proposed extension of La Gigoulande quarry is unnecessary and not in Jersey’s best interests.

Mineral extraction from an agricultural field in the countryside of St Mary is not the solution to affordable housing however, with an estimated value of £15m, expansion into field MY966 would be of considerable financial benefit to its UK owners.

We propose the the Islands’ Aggregate & Mineral Strategy is thoroughly reviewed before this is debated and any proposal for expansion should be withdrawn from the Draft Bridging Island Plan (DBIP).

Field MY966

"In simple terms you don't find much better fields to farm in Jersey" - current grower

Field Destruction

Public Health Hazard

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Native American Proverb

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