Ecological Disaster

We need to ensure that the trees growing right now continue to thrive well into the future, for generations to come. I’d like to thank the 50 stakeholder representatives who will support the creation of our new Tree Strategy and shape the way that we protect, maintain and enhance the islands tree stock”

Deputy John Young, Environment Minister

On the one hand, Deputy John Young would like to preserve our existing trees by creating a new tree strategy, yet on the other is content to see the extinguishment of Rue Berchervaise and approximately 250 trees and hedges including 111 mature Oaks, Alders and Beech trees. The Inspectors’ report also writes off the loss of mature trees stating that if the quarry is extended we can just plant new trees around the new border.



These trees also happen to be home to numerous birds and animals including red squirrels and a pair of mating birds of prey which can often be seen seeking food in the fields.


It is therefore critically important that any planning application for quarry expansion MUST have an Environmental Impact Assessment completed as a condition. It is an island-wide strategic matter which should be addressed ahead of anything else.